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United Tennis Association

Singles Interclub Draw 2012/13


Thursday evening 6.30pm start


Ellerslie 1  vs  Edendale 2

Edendale 1  vs  Edendale 2

Edendale 1  vs  Ellerslie 1


Ellerslie 1  vs Edendale 2

Wet Day

Edendale 1  vs  Edendale 2


​Edendale 1 vs  Ellerslie 1​

Ellerslie 1  vs  Edendale 2

Edendale 1  vs  Edendale 2

Edendale  vs  Ellerslie 1

Wet Day

15 November ​

22 November

29 November


6 December​​

13 December

14 February


​28 February

7 March

14 March

21 March

28 March

Edendale 1 bye

Ellerslie 1 bye

Edendale 2 bye


Edendale 1 bye

Ellerslie 1 Bye


​Edendale 2 bye

Edendale 1 bye

Ellerslie 1 bye

​Endendale 2 bye


The club that is underlined is the home club.


• Games start at 6.30 pm. Any team more than 5 minutes late defaults the first game. Start time can only be changed with the agreement of both teams and 24 hours in advance.

• Teams are to comprise 2 players.  Each member to play 2 games of singles and 1 game of doubles

• In the event for any reason a game is defaulted (this could include late arrival) the defaulting team will receive 0 points and their opponent six points for that game.

• Host club (first on draw and underlined) must keep time for games, 5 minute warm up and 30 minute games.

• Each team is to provide 1 pair new 1st grade tennis balls each evening.

• Any points in play at the sounding of the bell will count and be entered on the team sheet only if it completes a game.

• All games will be “sudden death”, no advantages will be played. 

• Change of ends after every 2 games.

• A team score sheet is to be completed before leaving the venue. It must be signed by both teams.  Host team is responsible for posting the result sheet within 7 days to Rose Hobbs, 5 Banff Ave, Epsom. 

• The result of the contest is to be determined by the number of matches won.  If there is a draw then the total number of games won will determine the winning team.

• Winning team is to be awarded 3 points, and if it is a draw 1.5 points.



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