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United Tennis Association Senior Interclub Draw 2018/19 (TBA)

Saturday afternoon 1.00pm start, players not ready for start will lose game 9-0

St Andrews vs Ellerslie 2

Edendale vs  Ellerslie 2

Ellerslie 1  vs  Ellerslie 2


St. Andrews​  vs  Ellerslie 2

Ellerslie 2​  vs  Edendale​


​​Ellerslie 1 vs  Ellerslie 2 

Ellerslie 1  vs  Edendale

Ellerslie 1  vs  St. Andrews

St Andrews  vs   Edendale


Ellerslie 1  vs  Edendale

Ellerslie 1  vs  St Andrews


St. Andrews vs Edendale

5 Nov ​

19 Nov​

3 Dec

11 Feb​​


25 Feb


​11 Mar 

Teams that are underlined are the home club and host the afternnoon tea (bring a plate).

• Games postponed due to weather should be played the following week. 

   Any games unable to be completed will be played at the end of the season.

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