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Club tournament results 2018/19


Buttons Tournament

Winners: Ash and Alan

Runners-up: Kay and Tom

Clayton Cup

Winners: Jo and Tony

Runners-up: Tom and England

Plate Winners: Alan and Kristina

Vear Cup

Winners: Matt & Ash

Runners-up: Alan & Amanda

Plate winners: Tom & Ruth

Combine Doubles

Winners: Tom and Hang

Runners-up: Gareth and Ash

Plate winners: Kevin and Kathy

Ellerslie Club Singles - Men

Winner: Alan

Runner-up: Vivek

Plate winner: Matt

Ellerslie Club Singles - Women



Plate winner:

Jack Vear Cup

Winners: Brian and Ruth

Runners-up: Kathy and Ash

Ellerslie Club Doubles - Men

Winners: Tom and Darren

Runners-up: Vu and Alan

Plate Winners: Vivek and Brian

Ellerslie Club Doubles - Women

Winners: Ash and Binh

Runners-up: Hang and Alana

Plate Winners: Ruth and Kristina

Andy's Tournament



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